RP1 Grids and Frames Examples

Grids for functionality;

Figure 1; Guitar Fret Board. Each fret representing a note for the string.

The raised metal wires on the neck of the guitar are the frets and the 6 stings run along to the head. Could you play a guitar without the grid guidline of the frets? A professional may be able to perhaps

Figure 2; The underside of a homemade desk.

Baic grid layout used in the carpentry of a homemade desk. The underside shows the structure of the supporting beams and desk top.

Figure 3; functionality, comfort and security grid eamples.

Bobby has his crate, he gets spooked by a lot of things and seeks comfort inside his gridded zone. Could it be called a 3d grid? Four sides in a repeating pattern. His bed also in a repeating grid pattern.

Figure 4; Interior design repeating pot grid example.

Figure 5: frames for information.

A Cheerio packaging, frames are used to split the information into groups with top and side headings.

Figure 6; Nature and beekeeping

Bees will naturally make a honeycomb patterned grid, to raise new bee larve and store honey in the cells. Here pictured a queen bee has been seperated with a press in cage. The cage uses a modular grid to secure her for marking and inspection.