EX 1 Backups Security and Encryption

Step 1-Making a Backup


Step 2 – Installing Wordfence



Step 3 – Reveiw encryption with Google Drive


Step 4 – Install Elementor


The above PDF information is stylized in a comic book style. They are inspired by Marvel comics and the colour pallete used on each page is sampled from the pages of various comic pages. This makes the reading material colour scheme familiar and memorable to the target audience of young students. The text is in an ink pen which is similar to the style used in comic books too.

The design uses a different character with every subject to accompany the user on the learning journey through the steps. The androgynous “morph” character is used to maintain interest and the colour scheme helps the viewer break down each task into smaller sections, which is easier to follow than long paragraphs of plain text.

The pages vary from two to three columns grid style, with different sized modules as explained in “Tondreau, B. (2019).¬†Layout essentials : 100 design principles for using grids.”


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