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Weapons Down Gloves Up

This charity is working with the local community in Liverpool to prevent violence in children and young adults by providing a new path in the form of training, careers and qualifications. It is aimed at people aged 16-25 years old to take part in the programme. This is free with training equipment and kit provided, its only available to students who are not in education and unemployed. There are also opportunities for volunteering, sponsorships and employment within the organisation.

Ambassadors Tony Belew represents boxing and Molly Mccan is the face of the UFC world. These high-profile members use their celebrity status to expand the reach of the programme and provides a role model for the students.

Figure 1; Tony Bellew at the Knife Angel in Liverpool discusses the WDGU campaign.

Hugh’s War on Waste

This campaign was a tv series by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. It was a broad campaign with the purpose of encouraging viewers to change the way they think about waste, and even to change their habits concerning food and plastic waste. It suggested ways to reduce the amount of waste a household might send to landfill by means of reducing, reusing and recycling. One of the many successful outcomes of the campaign was to encourage supermarkets to stop using single use plastics and to donate food to schools, foodbanks and community centres. This tv series encouraged people to engage in various smaller activities in their local community, such and growing food, sharing tools, and upcycling or giving items away for free. The audience could participate in many activities big or small and could be shared on the Twitter page or even feature in the programme. The campaign had pages on many social media channels, including Facebook, twitter, Instagram and its own tv programme, so the campaign reached a large audience.

Beats Bus

Hull Beats bus provides remote workshops in the community via its mobile recording studio. It aims to connect with people in areas that can’t travel or are remote. The audience is primary school children with the opportunity for work given to those who are older. A film ‘A Northen Soul’ documents Stephen Arnott’s journey with converting the bus and raising awareness. One of the goals is preventing crime and drug use in the local area by providing a focus and hobby for the students. Free workshops are offered through fundraising, and this is an ongoing campaign.


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