RP2 Multi Channel User Experience

On The Hedge is a local gardening business, providing garden maintenence, stump removal, hedge cutting and many more services.

The company has profile’s over many social networks.

Figure 1; On the Hedge Instagram profile demonstates an online gallery of recent work undertaken.

The Instagram profile is used as an online gallery which can be used to display work to new clients. The page also seeks to engage local people through the use of hash tags. It keep’s the company relevant when creating and sharing new content.

The website as seen above is veiwable on a mobile and a desktop screen. The information is the same on both however the phone version is silghtly adjusted to fit the screens. The website is used for new and exisiting customers for quotes and a gallery view.

Figure 6: On the Hedge staff branding.

Staff members will wear the branded clothing to stay in the brand standards of the company. It serves as extra advertisment whilst working and demonstrates professionalism whilst in the workplace.

Local advertisting is printed in a free buisness monthly newsletter. This is used to reach a wide range of customers, particularly aimed at those who don’t use or have access to the internet. The main client base is predomiently the elderly, so this form of advertising is esssential to reach the target households.

Multi-channel campaign.

There are improvments that could be made within this brand. In order to engage new and current clients a monthly newsletter could be provided. This could be email or in the post. An example would be to have weekly garden tasks, maintenence tips, and a calander with a to do list for seasonal garden tasks.

A mobile application would let customers book direct. Update their garden gallery weekly, help to identify plant species, such as weeds and flowers. It would update the employee on when maintenence is required.

Local educational workshops aimed to help people gain skills on garden care, starting an allotment, organic pest control methods. This could be used as a community workshop aiming to provide skills and provide a safe environment for young and elderly to meet and make friendships.