RP3 StoryBoards

The Walking Dead- Comic Strip Storyboard

Figure 1; The Walking Dead, season one, introduction of the bicycle girl.

The graphic novel of the Walking Dead season one first introduces ‘bicycle girl’. This series of illustrations was used to design the special effects of the real-life version as seen above. A combination of makeup and CGI was used to bring the illustration to life. The character development of the girl was later extended into a webisode.

The Social Distortion- Developmental Storyboard- Punk’s not dead, yet.

A storyboard gallery showing the developmental progress of opening a local restaurant. A lockdown project by a group of friends. Together they converted a previously unused, empty establishment into a punk restaurant serving Asian inspired cuisine. A place for the local community to try and embrace the fusion of punk and Asian food.

The Pizza Kitchen-Love at first slice

Figure 4; The Pizza Kitchen, a catering business providing woodfired pizzas.

The Pizza Kitchen started life as a horsebox, it was converted into a mobile woodfired pizza oven, to cater for weddings and private events. The sequential photography storyboard shows the progress of pizza, from the dough to the day of the event.


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