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‘Huel’ products showing the brand name and logo, an example of good typography in healthy eating.

Huel is a nutritionally complete food, providing a convenient, affordable, healthy alternative meal replacements in the form of powder, liquid, bars or grains. Huel would especially benefit as a meal replacement for vegans, as suggested by nutritionist (Helen Gardiner BSc (Hons) “For those individuals wanting to follow a vegan diet, Huel is a good source of protein, vitamin D and B vitamins. These are found in good amounts in a serving of Huel, but may be lacking in a vegan diet.”

The word ‘Huel’ is portmanteau created by combining the two words ‘human’ and ‘food’, in basic terms fuel for humans. The crisp, clean direct word ‘Huel’ correlates with the companies message and represents their products simplicity.

The typeface is highly legible and minimalistic. The solid black colour is bold and direct, creating high contrast values against the white background. The stacked text makes their logo more noticeable and visible, especially when a customer is holding their drink. The lack of colour used is visibly purposeful, It suggests simplicity and clarity of the brand, as in line with their products, supporting their idea of healthy, clean products.

‘Blondes’ logo, an example of bad design in typography for healthy eating. It does not use typography to represent their vegan café.

Blondes is a vegan café, in Cottingham, Hull. The veganism movement is becoming more popular as people change their diets to plant based alternatives. Research has shown to have numerous health benefits, some of which include reducing weight and preventing type 2 diabetes. As suggested “Observational studies strongly support the role of plant-based diets, and components of plant-based diets, in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes” (Michelle Mcmacken and Sapana Shah 2017).

The typeface of their logo is legible and uses contrast in black and white. However the logo could be improved to better promote and represent their vegan message using colourful typography instead.

Initial sketches and thought process for the new blondes logo.
The initial design created in Adobe Illustrator using a calligraphic style to match the tomatoes and basil leaf ‘V’
The second redesign, using a blackboard handwritten calligraphic style. The tomato vine is extended to incorporate the ‘g’ in ‘vegan’.

The design above is the redesigned logo for ‘Blondes’. The typeface used is Pristina, it is a calligraphic style. The word and colours are intertwined with the same meaning, creating an undeniable connection between the word ‘blondes’ and colour used to match. The text has been changed to lower case, which is visually more relaxing and approachable. The words ‘cruelty-free eatery’ has been simplified to ‘vegan café’ as the word ‘cruelty’ in itself has dark connotations. The change of words and colours used has created a more aesthetically pleasing piece of typography. This is more representative of their healthy, vegan independent café. The greens, reds and yellows used in the new design are purposeful to the colours of nature, specifically the colours of a summer harvest, another visual suggestion to the plant based model of their café. The ‘O’ and ‘G’ of the tomato is a conceptual design idea to create a direct link between the word ‘blondes’ and ‘vegan’. Similarly the ‘V’ for vegan uses two basil leaves to create the shape.


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