Blog Post One, Part One

Modern Collage Research

Hannah Höch

To begin the post on modern collage, a pioneer female artist needs to be mentioned first. Hannah Höch created images using watercolours and photo montages. She was a member of the Berlin dadist art movement which was anti-war, and created art over sixty years.

Sarah Eisenlohr

Sarah Eisenlohr is a Montana based artist. She uses collages to create fictional peices to showcase the impact of humans on the earth, more notably onto unpopulated landscapes. The scenic images from vintage magazines are used alongside transparrent images of humans, often in a satirical manor.

Rocio Montoya

Rocio Montoya is a madrid based artist. She explores the synergy between the human form and nature which is chanelled through her experience in illustration, photography, collage and painting.

Julia Geiser

Julia Geiser started creating collages in 2012. She uses only images from the internet and challenges ideas surrounding copyrights visual and legal boundaries. The collages use elements which are vintage, black and white, colourful and surreal. They exhibit online vouyerism which is a challenge regarding copyright laws.

Joe Webb

Joe Webb creates handmade collages using newspapers and magazines. He uses two or three peices to create a new collage image, these are cynical and adress the contrasts of living in a modern world.

Eugenia Loli

‘Mass Sighting’ Eugina Loli

Californian based Euginia Loli uses a mixture of scanned vintage photos from magazines, scientific publications and surrealism images.

Peter Horvath

‘Frida’ by Peter Hovarth
‘Pipe Dream’ by Peter Hovarth 2015

Peter Horvarth is a Canadian artist who is internationally recognised with his works in galleries worldwide. He uses material from 20th century advertisements which adress consumer culture.


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