Development Blog 1- Drinking Water

The campaign is to encourage children to drink water instead of sugary drinks. The team came up with individual ideas which were then used to create the final product.

The concept of ‘Bottle Buddies’ was created, with each member creating ideas. There was no set team leader and it was more of a collaboration of designs. The mission statement is described below.

Figure 1; The mission statement, logo and typography for ‘Bottle Buddies’

We had many ideas concerning the style of product, users, product goals and objectives, the group worked well coming up with different initial concept ideas. In the end The ‘Bottle Buddies’ was the idea we agreed on as a starting point for the campaign. The logo is designed to be a friendly mascot for the campaign, the logo is featured on the poster and water bottle sleeve design as seen below.

My design was the removable sleeve on the water bottle. The concept is that the sleeves are collectables and other characters can be collected based on a points system. This would be that the more points gained by drinking water the more sleeves are able to be collected. The points and reward system would be a successful incentive as children are familiar with this when they get gold stars in school and it is a proven successful scheme in schools nationwide.

Other ideas that we had but didn’t have time to develop would have been a sticker chart design. If there was more time to work on the project, we could have used our initial design concept to then make a website and an app, even a game.

For future improvement of this group task it was noted that less time should be spent on refining design concepts and instead perhaps paper prototypes to focus on the early idea developments instead of a detailed final product.