Development Blog 12 - Social Media Campaigns

The campaign will focus on a New Years Eve party for Sydney 2023. The visuals and brandings will span differently across different social media.


Figure 1; New Years Eve party 2023 instagram layout

Instagram will focus on the photos of the previous events to advertise the new campaign. It will use hashtags to connect with winder audiences and display current content to show it’s followeres. The benefit of Instagram is the ability to tag locations and people in photos too so that people have a direct link to the event, this can be shared among thier friends allowing the event to snowball. The ability to create stories and rells will capture the audiesnces attention and keep them coming back and engaged to veiw more content.


Figure 2; An example of a Facebook layout for the event

A Facebook campaign will open up more opportunites for connecting with larger community groups. The ability to host competitions, share posts, create events with invitaions enables the campaign will reach a large number of people. An example would be to create a competition with a ticket give-away to the event. If the user shares, comments and likes this will create a large amount of visitors to the page and increase its online presence.


Figure 3; An example of the youtube channel for the campaign

Youtube ill allow in lenght vidoes to be created, which can then be shared via link across other social media channels. A page of vidoes allows the user to watch, subscribe, like and comment on the vidoes. This has the potential to keep users engaged for a longer period of time compred to facebook and instgram.


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