3.) Teamworking Storyboard

Psychometric Test

Figure 2; Psychometric Test questionnaire, the aim is to demonstate what skills a person may have in different roles.

In the psychometric test, when working as a group of ladies from a local gym, the results show the qualities the subject demonstrates most strongly are those of “The Conductor” and “The Soprano in the Balcony.” This shows that the subject is more suited to roles of leadership (Conductor), but also can be involved from a distance, (Soprano). In order to progress in the future in other roles, the subject will have to be more open to change and the ideas of others, as there are many ways to complete a task to reach the same end goal.

Teamwork Animation

The team focused on creating a paper flip-book which was inspired by the famous ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ (Carle, 1969). The animation named ‘Metamorphosis’ highlighted the time consuming method of creating hand drawn amination and a new appreciation for how long a full scene would take to complete for an animator.

Figure 1; A caterpillar animation showing the transition of movement of the caterpillar through the frames.

The animation video above demonstrates the movement of the caterpillar through 24 individual hand drawn frames. In the scene, the caterpillar enters the stage on the left, travels through to the middle of the stage where a cherry is encountered, a bite is taken from the fruit, satisfying the caterpillars hunger before it moves to the right of the stage and exits the scene.

This method is time consuming and attention to detail and direction must be observed to create a fluid natural animation. The original flip-book was drawn onto sticky pads, which ended up making the flow of movement of each page difficult as they did not flow in a smooth and uniform manner. The solution to this problem was to individually photograph each slide in a fixed position and create a video by compiling each frame to create a video. A grid for positional marking of the frames and a tripod was used to ensure the photos were taken at the same height, lighting and position. Each slide was set to have a duration of 0.5 seconds, although this could be reduced to create a faster or slower play through the slides. By doing this the video demonstrates a much smoother transition of the slides.

If this task was to be completed again, a larger amount of frames would need to be made. This would make the movement more fluid and flow much smoother, creating a seamless animation which is more enjoyable and easier to follow. For example in frame by frame animation, a keyframe (drawing) for every frame would make an extremely fluid animation which would be the aim of final piece which will be created on Adobe Animate.


Carle E. (1969) The Very Hungry Catipillar. Book [Accessed 7 Feb. 2023]