Conceptual Energy Drink Animation Storyboard

The stop motion animation for the Strange Brew energy drink will be 12 frames per second and be 10 seconds in duration.

The animation will keep the 60’s theme in the scenes and movement of the drink can. The background of the animation will feature a sunset with golden colours, it is slowly spinning in an anti-clockwise direction, this signifies the current era of the consumers life ‘the golden years.’ This is a common phrase used to describe someone in their 60’s.

Figure 1; initial story board design for the Strange Brew animation.

The movement of the energy can will be slow and floating, to give the impression that the can is relaxed and having a good time. The can will grow and shrink which adds to the impression that it is floating in a 3D scene. The can will change colour to introduce the new flavour as it hits the side of the screen and it will then bounce back to the opposite side of the screen in a tennis like motion. The movement of the can rebounding of the side of the screen to each side is a reference to the 1972 Atari video game ‘Pong.’ The use of this reference is also used to create a nostalgic aesthetic through the slow movement and rebounding which is so rememberable in the Pong computer game.

Figure 2; The animation takes inspiration from the computer game ‘Pong.’

The movement of the energy drink cans will change in the last seconds of the animation, they will bounce up and down together. This gives the impression that the cans are full of energy and still have lots of life to give.

Figure 3; Digital version of the story board showing the timeline of the animation.

The music used will feature psychedelic rock which will compliment the aesthetic of the animation. This accompany the motion and give a calming but energising soundtrack.


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