Animation Storyboard

The animation storyboard demonstrates the main key frames of the 3D metamorphosis.

The story uses the mystery of Stonehenge and the folklore ideas surrounding the purpose of the monument to be used for sun worship, as suggested by Sir Norman Lockyer Stonehenge and other British Monuments “these structures had in one way or another to do with the worship of the sun and stars; that they had, for the most part, an astronomical use in connection with religious ceremonials.” With this in mind, the animation will focus on sun worship and mysticism ideas.

Animation Storyboard

Figure 1; The animation storyboard, showing five different scenes in the metamorphosis 3D animation.

Storyboard Scenes

The storyboard features 5 different scenes, each interlinked to tell the visual conceptual 3D story of Stonehenge made from Swiss cheese.

Figure 2; Scene 1 before the animation begins.

Scene 1 begins with a fly-by of the scene from the left to right of the stage, the swiss cheese Stonehenge is moving up and down in a chanting style, which in turn summons a lump of cheese that rises up from the middle of the circle. This then rises up into the air and flies off-screen.

Figure 3; Scene 2, the new cheese has been summoned and is rising up.

Scene 2 is where the summoned lump of cheese begins its metamorphosis, it rises up high into the sky and spins until it transforms into the sun for scene 3.

Figure 4; Scene 3 the cheese has transformed into the sun and shines its rays down below.

Scene 3 features another fly-by camera angle of the sun and circles it as the sun rotates in the sky, shining its sunbeams below to the cheese Stonehenge. The purpose of the sun transformation is used as a visual demonstration of the folklore concepts of sun worship associated with Stonehenge.

Figure 5; Scene 4, the sun has now morphed into a ball that bounces up and down on the stage.

In scene 4 the sun has now morphed into a ball, this bounces up and down on the stage before shrinking away into the distance. The ball symbolizes the circle of Stonehenge, as the stone carvings are in a circular layout which has strong links to the position of the sun on the summer solstice. This means the sun and the circle are strongly linked and key characters in the animation.

Figure 5; Scene 4, the metamorphosis is complete and the final state is a wedge of cheese.

Scene 4 sees the final form of the metamorphosis as the ball has now transformed into a wedge of cheese. This change of states into cheese links back to the cheese Stonehenge at the beginning of the animation but also summarises some of the main key elements of the folklore of Stonehenge; the sun, prayer, and worship for harvests are all strong traditional links to the mysticism surrounding the monument.


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