Festival UX design

Figure 1; Two BJJ competitors demonstrating a hip toss sweep. Reference from Caroline Arnott 2022.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art focusing on takedowns, grappling and ground submissions via a wide range of techniques. It is becoming a popular sport locally and nationally, with athletes of all ages and genders training and competing. GrappleMania 2022 will be a local festival held at the Fight Ministry Gym in Hull.

The Problem Space.

The problem space of GrappleMania 2022 can be defined as the following;

“The process of finding information about an upcoming grappling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu event can be time consuming, especially if searching through websites and old news articles. Users may not easily find the correct information for the festival. There is an opportunity to make purchasing a ticket quick and easy, via a website and companion app. These will improve the events ability to sell tickets, as well as recruiting new members to the gym.”

The Website

The website will create an interesting and memorable experience that will advertise and inform the site visitors about GrappleMania 2022. It aims to evoke interest and excitement about the event, with the end results being selling tickets, recruiting new members to the gym to train and attend future events, and attract more sponsorship.

The website should be familiar and easy to understand to those already interested in BJJ, spectators and other visitors to the site. The process to purchase a ticket should be easy, stress free and reassuring. There should be minimal screens and options. This will ensure a smooth transaction to buying a ticket and ensure buyer satisfaction. An example could be the option to auto fill, signing in with social media or email.

The Companion Application

A companion app would have many uses, before, during and after the festival. The app will provide regular event updates, live location map, livestream videos, fight scores and the location of facilities within the gym via a virtual tour. The app can be personalised to be interactive to the users preferences; a users favourite competitors can be highlighted to provide real time scores and notifications.

The problem space differences.

The app and website will address different challenges in regards to the problem space. The Website is fully informative and functional for the festival. Whereas the app will be more user interactive for the day of the event, such as showing live scores, VR gym map, online sign up with on the day discount for membership and merchandise.

Figure 3; A triangle submission in No Gi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Reference from Caroline Arnott.

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