Requirements Gathering and Analysis

Figure 1; Four BJJ fighters training at Fight Ministry. Reference by Caroline Arnott.

The Audience

The audience contains primary visitors; competitors, spectators, locals and fans of BJJ. The secondary audience would be staff, volunteers, local media, stallholders.


Many stakeholders will use the website and app. The main priority would be the stakeholders primarily involved in the day of the event (competitors, spectators, visitors.) These people would assume a ticket is easy to buy, with accessible information about the event and assume that the information is up to date and correct.

Other stakeholders that wouldn’t directly attend the event, such as sponsors and media outlets would assume that live event information from the day is correct and relevant.

Product Users

The website would meet the user needs by ensuring purchasing a ticket is safe and secure. It will have a similar style to other relevant events so that the user has some familiarity already (such as the same weight class categories and competitor levels.) When buying a ticket there would be limited steps to make sure the process is an easy and seamless interaction, with positive feedback received when completing the purchase (for example pop up thanks you box or email upon completion.)

The photos used will be my original images taken recently from Fight Ministry. A page could describe the different types of submissions and points awarded for good positions and holds. This could be demonstrated in photos or short video segments.

Website Review of a Similar Event

Application Reveiw of a Similar Event

Accessibility Concerns

The website and app should be easy to understand and navigate for those with and without experience of BJJ. The terminology and language should not make assumptions that the user full understands the sport. It should also have options to cater for those who may have accessibility issues.

User Journey

Stakeholder Personas

Figure 6; Stakeholder persona of Leighton James.
Figure 7; Stakeholder Persona of Corrina Shore.
Figure 8; Stakeholder Persona of Sophie Cash.

Success and Assumptions


Figure 11; A demonstration of a foot lock from two BJJ athletes. Reference from Caroline Arnott.


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