Development Blog 2- Birdhouse

The group discussed different ideas revolving around the idea of a Birdhouse. we each chose one idea to focus on and work on after creating an extensive mind map. Ideas varied from reality tv shows to horror themed movies, as seen in the image below.

Figure 1; initial ideas for the concept of ‘Birdhouse’
Figure 2; My design for birdhouse, an interactive basic game.

My design for birdhouse would be a mobile style mini game with small basic levels. The design above demonstrates a concept for one of the levels of the game. The game is a touch screen style game, with the birds falling from the top of the screen to the bottom in a Tetris influenced style. The user must click at the right time to trap the falling bird into the empty block of the ‘Bird house.’ Once all of the squares have been filled with a bird the user can progress to the next level, which will increase in speed and difficulty. The style of the ‘Birdhouse’ to tap and trap the birds in will change, with different colour birds that will earn the user more points. The more difficult levels will have a reduced time limit and the speed of the birds falling will be sporadic and increased, creating more of a challenge for the user. The game is aimed at a young audience. the features are easy to use and learn, with very quick gratification obtained in the small clickable games.

Figure 3; Adam’s birdhouse horror movie concept.

Adam’s idea featured a poster for the concept of a horror movie titled ‘Bird House.’ This took inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘The Birds’ and focused on a modern twist to this. The poster is dark and ominous, featuring a crows as the main antagonist of the idea. The audience would be over 18’s as the film would feature horror and scenes that are not suitable for children.

The third concept by Ellie was based on a reality TV show, in which contestants lived in a reality ‘Bird House.’ It is an all female show which is why it is called ‘Bird House. ‘This would be similar to the Big Brother style show and have people voted off and carry out various tasks.

The group worked well together to think of as many ideas as possible in the given time and each project differed greatly from each other into ideas that could be developed upon further into larger projects.