Development Blog 5 - Greeting Cards

The task is to create a niche greetings card in groups. Using a thought shower, ideas on different styles and occasions of cards were given, thinking of a new concept away from traditional paper cards, the 3D card was chosen as the idea to develop.

Figure 1; A thought shower of ideas for the niche card design

The target audience would be mainly children and teenagers, although the concept could be used for adults, for example as a gift for a special occasion.

The idea to develop is a 3D card design, called Build Me Up.

The cards are highly customisable and unique to every customer. The main feature is that the recipient of the card will build their own 3d design in blocks and the background card is the scene which the 3d model will sit against. For example a person may receive a card with a model of a dog to build, this could be a bereavement card which could be stood next to the ashes of their pet.

Figure 2; A sketch and ideas for the 3D build your own card design

I will develop my ideas from the sketches above to create a card with 3D elements which can be built.

Figure 3; Adams 3D greetings card design

Build Me Up 3D Card

Figure 4; The starting image to show process for designing a 3D card

The concept is that a customer may upload an image and choose which elements in the photo to make 3D. As an example the dog in this photo will be used to make a 3D model which will be split into blocks for the recipient to construct.

The design concept above shows the 3D model of a pet with a view from different angles.

Figure 6; The 3D model which is built and with a custom background.

The final image of the 3D model with a custom background, the background is customisable with the option for text, icons, themes and styles. In the above image the background image is of one of the recipients favourite local beaches.

The business of ‘Build Me Up’ is open to a wide range of audiences. These 3D model cards will appeal to young and old generations, this is due to the design being highly personalised, so that each card is unique to the recipient. The design can be changed so that the build is easy or difficult. This seeks to appeal to a wide range of usability through ages.