The web-based infographic will focus on an electro/disco style night club called ‘The Dancing Cat.’

The main focus of the infographic is to create an interactive animation that could serve as an online advert.

Figure 1: Initial idea for ‘The Dancing Cat’ logo
Figure 2: The final logo for ‘The Dancing Cat’

The dancing cat uses imagery and words that would appeal to a younger generation, it suggests fun and playfulness. The neon glowing typeface lets the audience know that the venue is a night club venue. The linear, minimalistic style of the logo is easy to interpret and remember, with a turquoise blue glow light being the main consistent theme in the animation.

Figure 3; Storyboard of the animation movement and functionality

The background of the image moves laterally and is intended to represent the reflections from the spinning disco ball, which adds a 3D element to the animation and creates depth of field. The foreground features the interactive dancefloor, with the coloured tiles being the buttons to play and stop the information popups appearing. The buttons and popups feature the neon glow which is the consistent theme throughout. The buttons spin in and out of view, they are at full opacity when the information is at it’s largest and fades away again when the button is clicked to reduce the pop up. This also adds to the 3D element as it adds depth .

Figure 4; The dancing cat stage, showing the interactive buttons and scene.

The dancing cat animation adds another layer of visual interest and keeps the user engaged as they click through the buttons to bring up the pop-ups. The animation plays in a loop so the viewer can access the information as many times as necessary.

The music “Find Me Here – Patrick Patrikios” is used to compliment the animation and give an insight into the genres of music that will be played at the events.

Figure 5; ‘The Dancing Cat’ live demonstration on a webpage browser.


Music-Find Me Here – Patrick Patrikios