Substance Stager

Figure 1; Initial sketch for ‘Airbox’

The idea of Airbox was based on the comedic concept of selling a box of air. However the box could be of real market value when thinking about the target audience. The box could be a novelty gift, or a genuine, for example for someone who suffers with depression in the winter, the scents of summer could enhance their mood. The box is one use only and contains a sealed bag of air which is collected at the location of the scent.

The Airbox logo is simplistic, the typeface is styled with a natural aesthetic, to give the impression of wooden branches with leaves growing from them.

Figure 2; Digital version of the ‘Airbox’ logo
Figure 3; Initial design concept for Airbox with annotations
Figure 4; Digital final version of the Airbox decal for use on the 3D mesh.
Figure 5; Net of box showing the design of the top, base, face and sides.

The renders show six different scents available from Airbox. The aesthetic of the box is minimalist by design, with the only colour on the front facing decal of the box, the top shows the logo decal and a charcoal style typography displaying the scent of the air. This enhances the basic design and concept of a box of air essentially, it would be cheap to make and easy to design new decals for a whole range of Airbox scents.

Figure 7; Screenshot of the turntable feature of the 3D render for the Airbox Ocean edition,
Figure 8; Video showing Airbox Ocean in the turntable feature.