UI Principles

Figure 1; two athletes practicing techniques at Fight Ministry. Reference from Caroline Arnott

Design Laws

The website and app will take into consideration lessons from Hicks law. (The time it takes to make a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices.) The virtual pathways undertaken to purchase a ticket for Grapplemania will be simplistic and have an option to sign in with Gmail or social media. This reduces the time spent entering information into individual boxes which can be time consuming and frustrating. The option to buy a ticket will be easy to find and highlighted throughout each page.

Call to Action

There will be two main call to actions, the main priority will be selling tickets to Grapplemania 2022, the second is to recruit new members to the gym.

There will be minimal steps required to purchase a ticket, as shown below;

After purchasing a ticket the user will receive positive feedback in the form of a thank you pop up screen, as well as an email invitation to trial 1 free weeks membership at the Fight Ministry Gym.

Usability Goals vs Interface

The website and app will retain it’s design features throughout (colour scheme, typography, photography, clickable buttons) This ensures that they both retain their learnability and familiarity from the user. This in turn will reassure the user with the familiarity of the designs. The app will be designed to be minimalistic and useful on the day of the event (live scores, gym VR tour, live location map). It will maintain its usable features but contain less large amounts of text.

Stakeholder Interface

One of the stakeholder interface examples, could be the ability to edit certain parts of the website, for example a participating photographer would have the login and access to add their photos to the gallery of the website and credit themselves.

Figure 4; Two fighters demonstrating a rear naked choke. Reference from Caroline Arnott.


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