Maya Modelling

The 3D escape pod is loosely inspired by a miniature used in the TV series Red Dwarf. The design uses a collaboration of basic shapes which create an impressive craft.

Figure 1: The model used in Red Dwarf which serves as the main reference for the Maya 3D modelling exercise.

Using the above photo as reference, the construction in maya was to combine and edit basic shapes to create the 3D version. The modelling process has created a 3D craft which can now be exported to Adobe Substance Painter to add custom textures and colours. The layers have been 3D unwrapped and made into their relevant groups which can be now used to add colour.

Figure 2; Space pod 3D construction in Maya using combined shapes.
Figure 3; Expanded view of the shapes used in Maya to create the space pod.

The shape, materials and textures of the pod allow for various techniques to be demonstrated in Substance Painter. The pod will have an aged and worn aesthetic, this will be achieved by adding textures to the surface which will add an element of realism to the model. There will be paint bubbling, scratches, dents to represent impacts, and faded spray paint signs to mention a few. The UV unwrapped model can now be exported into Substance Painter to add advanced textures, and the imported back into Maya. The texture is then applied to the model in different layers until the model is fully textured and ready to animate.

Figure 4: The finished 3D modelled space pod in Maya with UV unwrapping, ready for exporting.
Figure 5; Shapes used to create the escape pod.


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